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How much does it cost to play tennis?

Tennis lessons range in price from free to over $100.00 an hour for private lessons at a top-notch resort.  As a beginner you don’t need to pay the ridiculous prices, but if you are serious about your game and want to become competitive you will need to invest some money in lessons.

The cost of tennis lessons will vary according to where you live.  In the bigger cities you can expect the cost to be higher.  Our personal cost for private tennis lessons have ranged from $60.00/hr to $90.00/hr.  Most coaches will recommend at least one private lesson per week.

Tennis clinics are the other main source of hitting instruction and practice.  These are larger groups so the cost is significantly less. The benefit to clinics is that the player can hit with other kids and work on what skills you are trying to develop in your private lesson.  A rough estimate of clinic cost is between $15 and $30 per hour.  Again the cost will vary significantly depending on where you live.  Just remember, clinics are a good option to reduce the cost.  Don’t forget the added value of a clinic is it gives your child an opportunity to have some fun with their friends.

Have I scared you off of playing tennis yet?  Well wait, the expenses aren’t over yet.  You can’t forget the cost of racquets, stringing, tennis bags and tennis clothes.  A competitive player has to have at least two racquets to play in tournaments so they have a backup racquet if they break strings during a match.

Finally, you are faced with the cost of tournament play.  Each tournament will have a fee to sign up, we generally paid between $40 and $75.00 for tournaments in the midwest.  This was the easy part.  The cost of hotels, food, and gas where the expenses that added up.  Typically we counted on spending between $200 and $300 for a tournament we had to travel to.

At one point we calculated the average annual cost for our one son to play tennis.  We came up with a grand total of $6000.00.  Are you sweating yet?  We were.  This is not an expense that we could cover for three kids so we did have to make some modifications.  Our son was not able to travel as much as others to play in tournaments and private lessons had to be substituted for clinics.  He also found a way to work for his coach to help pay for his tennis.

Bottom line, tennis can be extremely expensive!  Know what you want out it and figure out how much you can afford.  There are ways to cut cost and you don’t need the best of everything to be great tennis player.


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