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Roger Federer, My Valentine No More!

My heart is breaking as I must break-up with Roger Federer.  I thought he was the love (tennis love) of my life but I am afraid  the relationship has gotten old, and my eyes have begun to wander.  Roger will always be my first love and I will always have the greatest respect for him, but I must move on.

After seeing Roger play Nadal in the Australian Open and then Isner in the Davis Cup, I have decided to move on.  It is not because of the losses but rather the attitude.  Roger seems to have lost his drive to fight through the tough matches.  As a matter of fact at times I would almost call him apathetic (I know it’s a little harsh, but he is breaking my heart)

So you see I must move on.  Is it Nadal or do I jump on the Djokovic band wagon?  That’s an easy one.  Although a few years ago I would never believe I would say this, Nadal has stolen my heart.  His fire, passion and drive are unmatched, and he does it with such a quiet sence of class.  Djokovic had my eye for a moment and I thought I was going to have to admit that maybe I could actually enjoy watching him play and perhaps even cheer him on.  Then he had to do the shirt thing.  Really?  I know it was hot and I know you were sweaty but did you have to parade around and flex your muscles.  No class there.  Nope you blew it.  My heart now belongs to Nadal!

So on this Valentines Day my heart is heavy as I say good-bye to my long time love Roger Federer.  Roger I will always love you and never forget that you truly were the best and because of you the level of play  has risen to what it is today.  But for now, I find myself falling in love with a new man.


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