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Tennis Techniques:To Drop or Not to Drop?

The drop shot is one of my favorite shots.  Although every time I see it come off the racquet my heart drops and I hold my breath just waiting to see what side of the net it will actually land on.  As I tell my kids, the drop shot is your hero or zero shot.  If it goes over you are a hero, if not, you feel like a zero.  So the question is, should the drop shot be part of your game?

Of course it should.  Most players are comfortable moving laterally but have difficulty moving forward and backward.  Further most players have an aversion to the net, so if you pull them forward you have them in a defensive position.

If you play your drop shot from a position inside the court while your opponent is five feet behind the baseline you have taken the time away from them to reach the ball.  If they do manage to get to it, there is very little they can do with it and you can finish the point with a passing shot.

So next time you go out on the practice court make sure you spend some time on the drop shot.  You never know, it may become one of your best friends in a tough match.

A great article about the use of the drop shot can be found at the Backhand Blog.  He talks about Roger Federer using the drop shot in the 2011 French Open.  I think you’ll find it interesting and very helpful.  It may even further convince you to try and incorporate it into your game.


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