A Tennis Racquet Doesn’t Make You a Great Player.

Never have I been so aggrivated with the idiocracy of a so called tennis professional as I was today.  I had to drive thrity minutes to get to the closest tennis “pro” shop in order to sign my son up for a demo program to try some new tennis racquets.    I gave the sales man the list we had come up with and he just looked at me with a puzzeled look and  said “you don’t have a Bablolat on this list?”

“No, apparently not,”  I replied.  My response was met with the most condescending look as he shook his head at me and rolled his eyes.

“From your response, I  assume you think we should be trying the Babolat.”

“Well it’s not the number one selling brand for nothing,” he replied in a snide manner.

“I’ll text him and check,” I replied nicely. So I obligingly texted my son and asked him.  “No, he said he really would prefer the ones he put on the list.”

“Does your son play tournaments at all?”  the salesman asked me.

“Yes, he’s played USTA for about six years and has signed at a D1 college,” I answered becoming somewhat tired of this conversation.

“Well all the good players use the Babolat, and do you know Charlie Carr (made up name to protect the identity of the player)”

“Yes I know him well,” I again answered trying to be nice.

“Well he uses the Babolat.”

That was it, I was no longer in the mood to be nice, I couldn’t believe this sales pitch. This man was supposed to be an authority on tennis equipment and this was the garbage I was getting.

“Sir, with all due respect,” I began, “Charlie Carr is not a good tennis player because he is using a certain racquet.  He is a good player because he works hard and is very talented.  Further, my son has a completely different build than the other young man.  Sir, a racquet doesn’t make a player, hard work, talent and drive makes a good player.  We have always let our son knows he is the key element in his game and not the equipment, I have nothing against the Babolat but it is not the tennis racquet he is comfortable with. Now could we please have the racquet I requested.”

I have nothing against any brand of tennis racquet, I think they all have their pros and cons and the comfort and confidence the player has in the racquet is the most important element.  If one company was so much better than the other, I would expect to see all the top pros using the same brand, but that obviously is not the case.  Once again, I have nothing against Babolat, I just don’t think the racquet makes the player.


2 comments on “A Tennis Racquet Doesn’t Make You a Great Player.

  1. Hi,

    Im a 21 y/o 4.0 player and I feel exactly the same way. Whilst one might feel comfortable with the babolats and aspire to purchase them because nadal, roddick, clijsters, etc plays them, my own personal experience with demoing them left a lot to be desired- they simply dont match with my playing style. The racquets have a very mute feeling due to the cortex system and the newer models are overly stiff.

    Ive tested many racquets these past few months, and I always go back to my favorite wilson frames, because they’re what work the best for me, my body, and my game.
    For a tennis “pro” to behave in that condescending manner is downright unprofessional and ignorant. IF the babolats were as versatile and amazing as he thinks they are, then most pros and rec players should be using them, which obviously isn’t the case.
    Furthermore, Wilson is the #1 selling brand, not babolat. He clearly needs to do his homework.

    • I personally think his motivation was purely financial. He was attempting to sell me a more expensive racket. I was furious. It reminds me of when I go to the car shop and they assume I don’t know anything because I am a woman.

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