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Cinderella Story of Tennis: The Challenge

I  have been challenged, and I love challenges, so I am asking everyone for help.  I have been challenged to find a CInderella Story for an American tennis player.  In this case the term Cinderella Story is used to describe someone who came from nothing or very low income and made it to the top of the tennis world.  The Challenge is to find an American because other countries will help fund the training of a rising tennis star.  So do you know of anyone who has made it to the top of the tennis world who came from a low income background?

I know that tennis can be played in a local park or highschool for nothing but is competitive tennis an elitist sport.  The NBA is filled with stories of players who have come from extreme poverty andthrough playing highschool basketball where given a shot at playing for a college and then the NBA.  Of coarse one of the most famous Cinderella Stories is that of Michael Oher the impoverished football player who made the NFL and later had the movie “Blind Side” made about his life.

I, being the forever optimist, would like to believe that somewhere there is a tennis player that has been successful without having the financial backing of a higher income family.  From a personal experience I know our children have been limited by our finances.  National level tournaments have not been in the cards for my son because we just could not afford to travel around the country to play them.  Lessons and clinics where limited to what we could afford and he is currently playing with a hole in his shoe and no zipper in his tennis bag.  Regardless of all of this, I think he has had a great tennis experience and has managed to reach his goal of playing D1 tennis.  Could he have been better and played for a better college if we had more money?  Possibly.  Do you feel yours or your child’s tennis progress was limited by finances?

So now I am off to search the internet for that Cinderella Story of Tennis.  I know it has to be out there.  If you know of one I am begging you to please share it with me because I really hate to loose a challenge.



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