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From Dubai

The question remains, can anyone beat Novac Djokovic who is on a 15-match winning streak in the ATP World Tour 500 tournament? This tennis fan is hoping the answer is yes and I’m praying that Roger Federer is the one to take him down. Note that I said hope and praying, I’m not willing to put any money on it. Roger still has a lot of game left in him and he is still one of the best all around tennis players, but Djokovic seems to have his number. Novak’s serve return is one of the best in the game and I feel is the key to his success. Yes he also has incredible speed and seems to dig out winning shots on the dead run, but if you don’t bring your A serving game to the table he is going to make you pay.
I’m not going to count Andy Murray out of being the one to knock Djokovic out of the tournament before he even gets to Roger in the finals. The Australian Open proved that Murray has what it takes to beat him. I think with the best two out of three sets, Murray has a better chance because fitness doesn’t play as much of a role.
Whatever the outcome, with such a great line-up of top ranked players, it’s sure to be another great tournament.


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