Why We Lose Control When Things Go Wrong.

I wrote an article earlier about how players lose their head when they feel cheated from bad line calls.  Today I found this article on Tennis.com giving an explanation of why we lose control during a tennis match.  The article is  titled Stay in Control by Sian Beilock.  He uses the 2009 Serena Williams incident to explain why we lose control when things go wrong during a match.  I think it is one of the most insightful articles I have read to explain this phenomena.  He also gives some tips on how to avoid the “melt down.”

It’s a great read for all players and parents of players to help you understand what is happening to your brain when things start going wrong.

I wish I had this insight earlier when my son was loosing his head in a match.

Here’s the link. Enjoy

TENNIS.com – Instruction – Stay in Control.


3 comments on “Why We Lose Control When Things Go Wrong.

  1. “When we lose our temper or say something we shouldn’t in times of stress, it’s often a sign that our prefrontal cortex isn’t able to regulate our emotions the way it normally does.”

    brain science is fascinating! since it takes until about age 20 for the prefrontal cortex to fully develop, no wonder my 15 yr old has such a challenge controlling his emotions on the court! i will try to regulate my own prefrontal cortex reactions next time he can’t regulate his own!

  2. there must be something about hormones and the prefrontal cortex that dr. beilock neglected to mention! 😉

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