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How to Keep Motivated to Win.

Coach Billmoore is not a tennis coach but his insight into building character and motivating athletes is still useful.  I remember be frustrated with my son’s tennis and asking his coach when he would actually start winning.  His response was simple; “when he’s tired of loosing.”  This turned out to be true.  When Alex had finally had enough of loosing he found another level of focus and fight to pull out the wins.  The next problem arose when he got used to winning and would go into matches with the expectation to win.  He often got caught of guard by an underdog who was willing to work hard and put it all on the line to beat the higher seeded opponent.  Coach Billmoore addresses these issues in this article.  I hope you find it as helpful as I did.


Can you help me figure something out?

I’m a teacher with four kids.  I mow my own lawn.  When I’m done, I kick back and enjoy the results.  If it were in my budget to have someone mow it for me, I would probably pay someone to do it.

I would still enjoy the results.

But what if someone mowed it for me and I didn’t have to pay them?  Not a favor,  not a nickle. Would I still enjoy the results?  Yes.

Think ahead to the big game, or big promotion, or big addition to your new house.  What if there was no way you could lose? What if you had 100% certainty that it would happen?

Would you still work hard?

I’m sure some of us would say yes.  I think most of us would say, however hesitantly, no.

Why would we work hard when we were going…

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