The Beginning of Another High School Tennis Season.

Pre-Match Pep Talk

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new high school tennis season.  The tennis bag is packed and sitting at the front door waiting with anticipation for the first day of school try outs.  It’s a new state and a new school, so my freshman is going in as an unknown and we know nothing about the local competition.  Varsity, junior varsity, singles, doubles, first position or last, it really doesn’t matter, he just wants a spot on the team.  If you have followed my blog at all you may have read some articles about my older son’s (a senior) tennis career.  Tomorrow is the beginning of his younger brother’s high school tennis “career.”  Josh has chosen a different tennis path than his brother, and prefers to stick to school tennis and USTA team tennis.  Josh plays for fun more than competition.  He loves the interaction with the other players and being part of a team.  So it is with nervous anticipation we look forward to tomorrow.

For all the junior players and parents that are beginning their high school season this month, I wish you luck and hope you have a fun and exciting season.  With that said there are a few things you need to remember when you hit the court.  Everytime you step onto the court to play at a match make sure you are taking your “A” game and attitude with you.  It doesn’t matter if you are a senior or a freshman, you never know who is watching you.  High school tennis is a ripe environment for tennis recruiters.  Although the recruiter is not neccessarily there to watch you, it doesn’t mean you can’t impress them with your skill and attitude.  Yes that is twice that I have mentioned attitude.  Recruits are watching your behavior on the court as much as your strokes.  Don’t underestimate how important your court behavior is when coaches are deciding who they want on their college team.  Coaches want players who are willing to give it their all regardless of what match or which opponent they are playing.  To them it is about digging out as many team points as they can get. Are you going to be that team player?

Finally, have fun!  High school tennis is about making friendships and making memories.

Good luck Josh and every other excited future High School Tennis Player!


4 comments on “The Beginning of Another High School Tennis Season.


    • I can’t thank all you mature coaches enough for your dedication to our young athletes. If it wasn’t for a great middle school coach our family never would have developed their love for the game.

  2. Great advice! So often coaches make their choices based on ability and attitude of the player. How coachable? How good is their work ethic? How competitive are they (personality-wise), and How do they handle losing (do they have a balanced perspective). All of this is tied to their attitude.

  3. I have seen players passed over because they thought they were too good to play a lesser opponent or the back draw. I think attitude is the hardest thing to teach the kids. Anyone can learn to hit a ball, but developing the competative, and balanced attitude is a whole other story. Sometimes I feel sorry for you coaches and what you have to put up with. Again, I thank you. Your patience and dedication does not go unrecognized.

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