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This is Why We Encourage Our Kids to Play Tennis

We are often asked Why Tennis?   A fellow blogger, ParentingAces, recently wrote an article addressing this question.  Today I sat down to my son’s computer and happened to notice an essay he wrote for a college scholarship.  In five hundred words or less he answered the question … why tennis?  I’d like to share it with you, so the next time you ask yourself why tennis, or is it time to quit you will have an insight into what tennis is all about for our kids.

The sound the ball makes as it flies off the racquet, the adrenaline rush in the midst of a dramatic comeback, and knowing that all the hard work put in was worth it.  The run to the state finals in tennis is over, but the memory and the love for the game will live on forever.

I was determined, had the will of a champion, and would let nothing stand in my way of what I wanted.  In the first round facing someone I never had beaten this was never more apparent.  All the hours of hard work, the attention to detail, and competitive edge to accomplish the task at hand propelled me to a thrilling win.  These skills I learned on the court have carried over into every aspect of my life.  I look at every task as if I am competing and I have the drive to be the best at what I do.

In the state finals the fairy tale ending as some may say was not completed.  In the round of eight I was beaten in a close match.  It was an amazing experience, I loved every moment, especially looking out into the crowd and seeing my mother there so proud of me.  She made the trip all the way from Pennsylvania.  My family was transferred this year, but I did not make the trip.  My father was told it was time to move or time to be unemployed.  It is because of this that I am a seventeen year old “adult”.  I have become as independent as could be, although living without parents is never easy, everything they have done in these seventeen years has made me a stronger and better person.  I tackle the challenges of living alone the same way I take on the competition in tennis and it is because of this I can safely say I will be successful.

For all of you parents heading out for yet another tournament, wondering why you are doing this, remember these words.


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