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March Madness

March Madness, March Madness, March Madness.  Everywhere you go it’s all anyone is talking about.  The television is permanently stuck on a basketball game.  What is a tennis player to do?  Use it as an opportunity to get in better condition!

My son’s coach decided not to fight against March Madness, but rather embrace it.  The kids all want to watch the games and it seemed harder to get them to do their fitness program.  So he came up with an idea.  He calls it “March’s Madness”.  The kids watch the ball game while doing their fitness, it goes like this:

  • First quarter:   every time a team scores a basket you do push-ups, one for each point (they begin to hate those three pointers)
  • Second quarter:   same as first quarter but crunches instead of push-ups (they begin to hope for a low scoring game)
  • Third quarter:   balance.  Balance on one leg for as long as you can aiming to stay until the next basket is scored.  Switch legs with each basket.
  • Fourth quarter:   fourth quarter you can choose leg lifts or planks.  Pick a team and every time that team scores a basket you do your leg lift or plank.  Hold it until the next team scores.  Rest while you wait for your team to score again and back into your leg lift or plank (they really hate time outs at the end of the game)

So go ahead and enjoy March Madness and you may find yourself in better condition than before it began.


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