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The Silent Ride Home

I am sure a lot of parents are driving home from tournaments today, with your junior player silently gazing out the window.  The weekend began with so much hope and optimism, truly believing this was the weekend to break through and come up with the big win and tote the trophy home to proudly perch on the dresser amongst the other trophies.  Yet, once again there is no trophy, there is nothing but disappointment and heartbreak and a little bit of their self-esteem widdled away at again.  You wish there was something you could say to make them feel better, but you know the words won’t be heard.  Your heart breaks for them and you feel powerless.

But tomorrow will come and they will find themselves on the court again.  Attacking the ball with an even greater focus.  You will see that passion and that determination to get better, to fix those few mistakes that held them back this week-end.

Friday is just around the corner and you will find yourself in the car once again.  This ride will not be silent but once again the air will be filled with the excitement, expectations, and hope for that magical tournament.  Where they find the courage to face the challenge week after week I do not know.  They are stronger and more resilient than I ever hope to be.

So as you sit in silence use the time to reflect on the pride you have in the warrior that sits beside you.  The days are going by quickly and the season of junior tennis will be over before you know it.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and maybe one of you are dusting off the mantel to place the newly earned trophy.


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