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Cost Saving Tips for the Broke Tennis Player

We all know tennis is an expensive sport.  Between equipment, clothes, training costs and travel, the tennis bill adds up quickly.  So what can you do to save a little money when it comes to tennis?

  1. Watch for when new tennis racquets come on the market and buy the old model.  I often got them at half price.
  2. Join a men’s or women’s tennis league rather than a tennis clinic.  We had our son play in a men’s 4.5 league when he was 15 and it was one of the best training experiences he ever had.
  3. Join the hotel reward club and save points to earn free hotel stays.  We like to back this with a credit card that earns us hotel points as well.
  4. Make sure you book a hotel with free breakfast.
  5. Make sure you utilize the tennis shoe warranty and send your worn out shoes back for a free pair.  We stopped paying for shoes a while ago (he never get 6 months out of  a pair of shoes, we have one pair we are wearing while the other pair is sent back)
  6. Consider a semi private lesson over a private lesson.  You can get excellent training on point construction.  The coach can focus on what you are doing rather than having to focus on his/her own playing.
  7. Start stringing your own racquet.  We paid for our stringer in no time at all by stringing our own tennis racquets.  Our son also got to make a little extra money by stringing his team-mates racquets.
  8. Order your string in bulk on-line from the string company
  9.  Buy your water and Gatorade in bulk from a “Sam’s Club” or “Costco” rather than buying it at the club or tournament.
  10. Find friends you can practice with for free at a public court rather than paying for court time.

These are just a few of the ways we have found to save a penny here and there and make tennis a little more affordable for our family.

What is your favorite cost saving tip?


One comment on “Cost Saving Tips for the Broke Tennis Player

  1. The concept of free shoes for sure- I burn through a pair every month or two

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