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Tennis for all Ages

I’ve talked enough about the junior tennis players for a few days now.  Let’s take a look at tennis for us “mature” individuals.  We may not move as fast as the young kids do anymore and we may not hit the ball as hard, but by golly, we can usually beat them.  Why is that?  Simple, we are just smarter.  The junior players rely on their agile little bodies whereas we older folk have had to give up on the body and focus on the mind to give us the edge on the court.

There is nothing better than watching a crafty old guy drop, lob and all around run a young kid around the court.  The craftiness that comes from experience (and a little desperation) is the key to our old folks game.  Spin takes over for the flat ball and the serve has lost some pace but has gained the precision placement, and the most effective part of the game is that element of surprise.  Instead of being predictable with our shots we change it up and keep our opponent off-balance (I’m not saying the element of surprise isn’t the fact that it’s a miss hit half the time but it works)

Are you ever too old to play tennis?  I don’t think so.  It may not be as pretty as it was when you where younger but heck “winning ugly”  is still winning.  And when we stop winning, we are keeping our body and mind in shape.  You really can’t ask for much more than that.  So grab your racquet and a friend and head to the court.  If you happen to see a couple young kids out there showing off on the court, invite them over and show them how brains always wins over beauty.  They may find themselves heading to the book store for a copy of Brad Gilbert’s “WINNING UGLY”  when you’re done with them.

Have fun and make sure you love tennis for life!


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