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Another Embarrassing Tennis Moment

We all have them, those moments on the court we would really love to forget but can’t.  You might be able to if people would let you, but alas, it’s just too funny.

It is 205, my son is playing one of his first USTA tennis matches, he really has never experienced competitive tennis, so he was very naive.   He is supposed to be returning serve but finds himself distracted by the antics on the court beside him.  A young lady, who is very good and knows it, is playing on the court beside him.  She is serving the ball well and loudly announcing to her opponent “I can’t believe I aced you again!”  He was so taken aback by how rude she was being he forgot to pay attention to what was going on in his own match.  The next thing you know he gets “aced” in the side of the head.  He didn’t even see the serve coming he was so busy watching the court beside him.  His opponent felt terrible but Alex started to laugh as did we.  We still enjoy a good laugh over it every time someone mentions that girl’s name and how rude she is on the court.

Feel free to share your embarrassing tennis moments, we all need a good laugh every now and then.


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