A New American Tennis God?

Congratulations to John Isner!  A fantastic win over Novac Djokovic at Indian Wells.

Isner has now beaten the first and third world ranked tennis player this year.  Perhaps the question of where are the American Tennis Players has just been answered.  Maybe this will be the year an American wins a Grand Slam!

Here’s Hoping!

Cheers to John Isner

For more on the match check out Tennis.com.  They always have the most current happenings in the tennis world.


4 comments on “A New American Tennis God?

  1. Sandra,
    It’s about time that an American tennis star rose the ranks…. it’s been to long.

  2. Okay, he may not be a God but he proved himself to be pretty good. I still believe he holds the hope for the American tennis future.

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