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A Must See Video For All Tennis Parents

Fellow blogger I Take Thee Tennis posted an incredible video of Bernard Tomic asking his father to leave during his tennis match in Miami.  Tomic’s father is  his coach and they have had somewhat of a tumultuous relationship throughout the years.  Tomic’s dad was not happy with some of the shots that he  missed and was shaking his head and displaying very negative body language.

This is a great example of how our reactions to our children’s game can affect the way they play and effect their composure and emotions on the court.  How do we expect our kids to pick themselves up on the court and brush off a bad point if we are bringing them down with our body language?

I think this video supports my theory of parents needing to leave the coaching to someone other than themselves.  Although Tomic has had great success under his father’s coaching it seems to me that the price they are paying is very high.  No amount of success on the tennis court is worth harming the relationship between a father and son.

Please take a moment to follow the link to I Take Thee Tennis  or go to my Crazy Tennis Mom facebook page and watch the video.


One comment on “A Must See Video For All Tennis Parents

  1. Absolutely right.I agreed and will send my son to a coach.

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