Professional Tennis Players Behaving Badly

I came across this article today from Tennis Mental Edge about controlling our temper on the court. It includes three must see videos of the Pro’s behaving badly.  After watching them you may realize that your “bad behavior on the court really is not that bad.

Racket breaking has never been a problem in our household but when my son finished his high school season he begged me to let him break just one racket.  He had watched the pros do it and had always wanted to try it.  Being the bad mother that I am, I let him do it.  I think he had more fun breaking that racket than he did playing tennis for the whole four years of high school tennis.  The racket now hangs proudly on his bedroom wall along side his other trophies.  It being the favorite one.


2 comments on “Professional Tennis Players Behaving Badly

  1. I would love to see a photo of that one on this blog…… I remember snapping a racket in two on a serve in my high school years. It was because I had strung the racket tighter than the specifications so it finally cracked in half under the pressure 🙂

  2. I’ll get it off the wall and snap a picture. He had so much fun. His team mates all stood around cheering him on as he did it. I must admit, I too got a little satisfaction out of watching. He had that racket with him since his freshman year. It really was symbolic of the end of an era.

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