Do all tennis players have multiple personality disorder?

Is it just my children or do all tennis players have multiple personality disorder?  You never know what child you are going to get when they step on the court.  It could be the calm, composed, mature tennis player who uses his head and plays a smart clean match.  Or it could be the evil twin that shows up talking to himself, dropping his racket, playing without any thought.

It has to be the most frustrating part of being a tennis parent.  I imagine it isn’t much fun for the player either.  If only we could figure out what it is that causes that other personality to take over.  Perhaps I should spend less money on coaches and consider spending a little on a  psychiatrist so he can integrate the personalities.  But seriously, what is it that determines which personality walks through the gates to play the tennis match?

If I had the answer to this question I would be a millionaire selling the secret to success.  As of today, I haven’t found the answer but I keep on trying.  When he has that magical moment when everything goes right and he is playing the perfect match I try to record in my head all the steps he went through to get there.  Okay, he got up two hours before the match, ate a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, warmed up for thirty-minutes one hour before the match, wore the black socks with black short and red shirt, listened to his  “get pumped up” playlist before the match.  If I can repeat this same pattern every time maybe he can play like this every time.  I don’t know if I am missing that one magic ingredient in the recipe for success, but I still can not predict what child will show up to play.

Maybe it is the hormones or something that is blowing in the wind but to this day I cannot find what triggers the evil twin to show up on the tennis court and replace my almost perfect junior tennis player.

Any suggestions?


2 comments on “Do all tennis players have multiple personality disorder?

  1. when you figure it out, please share your findings with ME!

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