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Off to Canada to plan for our summer tennis!

I’m off to Canada to enjoy the Easter vacation at our summer home in Ontario, Canada.  I’ll be busy setting up the kids summer tennis schedule with the local tennis club. Our Canadian city isn’t a very big tennis community so it is always interesting for them to see how our kids have developed over the year.  It’s also a challenge to try to find lessons and hitting partners for them.  We are hoping our oldest son can take a little vacation from his tennis academy this summer to spend some time with us at the cottage.

If all works out our oldest will be able to volunteer as a coach for the club and can work with his brother and sister as well as the local kids.  This is his way of giving back to the tennis community a little of what he has been privileged enough to receive.  It is his hope that another young child finds the same passion for tennis that he did.

I’ll be back next week.


One comment on “Off to Canada to plan for our summer tennis!

  1. You know the tennis court that was by our childhood home? The one you bought my kids tennis rackets for? Well it had been neglected for years and now they have bulldozed it. Canada just isn’t a real tennis hot bed. I guess when you only see pavement from April to October is cuts into the season. Runners learn to run in the snow and on the ice…not so much an option for tennis and our only indoor court has closed.
    I am happy that your kids can continue to play in the summer. There is a fellow I know who is trying to revive an interest in tennis. I hope he is successful!

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