Chill Out!

Why do tennis players get so worked up about everything?

What is it about tennis that causes so many people to be uptight and strung out?  It doesn’t matter if you are playing, coaching, watching, talking about or writing about it, people just tend to get too excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sport, and I have had my day of getting way too excited about it, but really, just relax a little.  I’m surprised they don’t keep an ambulance beside all tennis courts to be ready for the heart attacks and strokes from these type A personalities.

Take a minute to watch the eight year old kids play.  We could all learn a lot from them.  They are having fun, laughing, talking to their opponent, generally loving life and playing tennis without a care in the world.  Meanwhile on the side line is the parent complaining about the lack of focus as the child enjoys playing a little air guitar between points.  What’s so wrong with having fun?  Chill out!  Maybe you should try it sometime, you never know, if you stopped taking it so seriously and started having a little more fun you may play better.

I appreciate the passion that comes with the game of tennis, but let’s be respectful.  We can’t all be perfect all the time.  We may say something wrong, make the wrong shot, cheer for the wrong pro, use the wrong racket, go to the wrong club…but we all love the game of tennis.  Forgive me for not being perfect and not knowing everything there is about tennis, not being the perfect tennis player, or tennis parent, I’m just a human being who happens to love the game.

Relax, chill out, cool down, find your zen, whatever it takes, but just enjoy the game.  After all it is JUST A GAME.

Relax, it’s just a game!


4 comments on “Chill Out!

  1. If you want to feel better about parents watching a tennis game go to a kids hockey game during play offs…police were brought in for my 15 year old son’s last set of play offs.

  2. Watch the 8 year olds play. Relax, chill out, cool down, find your zen, whatever it takes, but just enjoy the game. After all it is JUST A GAME.
    Great advice Sandra. I compete in Masters swimming, but I’ve never taken it seriously. It’s all about reconnecting and visiting with my opponents when we travel to a swim meet. And of course, we all have our moment to make some waves!

    • I wish I could say the tennis scene was the same. It tends to get a little uptight. When the kids reach the 18’s is becomes civil once again. I can’t help but wonder if it is because the parents are less a part of it.
      Thanks for the comment and good luck with the swimming!

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