Penny Pinching Tips for the Week-End Road Trip

Have fun and save a little money as you go!

Okay people it’s Friday again.  That means you are probably packing the bags and the car getting ready to head out for another road trip.

Before you go let’s make sure you have all your money-saving strategies in line.

  1. Pay for your hotel room with your visa or MasterCard that accumulates points for free travel
  2. Make sure you sign up for the hotels frequent visitor club and get the points
  3. Use your AAA for a discount
  4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price especially if you go there often.  If you book your next stay while you are there sometimes they will give you a discount
  5. Don’t stay anywhere that doesn’t provide free breakfast, and make sure you grab an extra banana, orange and other fruit from the breakfast bar
  6. Stop by Sam’s Club or Costco to get your case of water and sports drinks
  7. Locate the closest Favoli’s or Spaghetti shop.  Cheap way to fill up on carbs.  Five dollar foot longs from Sub-way are always a great option for a cheap lunch.
  8. Use your gas points from the grocery store to get cheaper gas.  I know Giant, Weiss and Kroger all offer this program.  If you buy gift cards to some of the restaurants you will be eating at you can use the purchase to accumulate extra gas points. (Double bang for your buck)
  9. Bring snacks such as nuts, granola, cereal bars, crackers with you from home instead of running to the vending machine for a late night snack
  10. Check on-line for coupons and discounts at local restaurants.

Have a great week-end playing tennis and I hope you can save an extra dollar or two to buy your mom something nice for Mother’s Day.


4 comments on “Penny Pinching Tips for the Week-End Road Trip

  1. Nice gems Sandra, this is helpful stuff!

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