Weekly Photo Challenge. Unfocused

This weeks photo challenge is to find a picture that you would normally disregard because it is unfocused.  When looking back at the picture does it portray something regardless of, or because of, it’s lack of focus.

So here is my picture for unfocused.  I love the way the color of the ball is clear and the racket is barely visible, it gives you the feel for the racket head speed.  I also love the way the light came through the fence.  The picture truly portrays the movement in tennis as well as how we see it through the fence.

It is a good thing they explained what they were looking for.  Otherwise I would post something like this that shows my child completely unfocused but having fun.  No he doesn’t always wear his short high and shirt tucked in…he was trying to be funny.  I don’t know about that but I do know he is unfocused.

He may not be focused but he’s having fun!


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Unfocused

  1. I have a few gigabytes of unfocused tennis pictures here somewhere, but not sure if any have a deeper reading within. Must go searching….

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