Moving On!

Please excuse my recent silence.  Life is busy in the Crazy Tennis Mom household.  Graduation is officially upon us.  Yesterday marked the last day of high school for my oldest child.  It was a day marked with both excitement and sadness. Sadness for the end of many things and in particular the journey he has taken with many life long friends on the tennis court.

As we drove into the school parking lot last night for the senior awards ceremony my car automatically headed for the parking spots along side the courts.  I stepped out of the car and heard the familiar sound of tennis balls popping off the strings of the rackets.  I turned to see the high school boys practicing but was struck by the fact that five familiar figures no longer graced the courts.

It seems like yesterday that the 5’0″, 95 lb freshman walked onto the court hoping to claim the top court as his own.  The seniors were lined up ready to take on the “little guy” they had heard about. Confidently he stepped to the baseline ready to return whatever it was they had to give him.  One by one the older players were taken down by the freshman.  With the utmost respect the older players admitted defeat and welcomed the freshman to the team.  Each calling for him to be their partner in the challenge drills.  It was that warmth, welcoming and team atmosphere that has made the last four years of tennis one of the most outstanding memories of my son’s high school career.

So with a heavy heart I turned away from the court and toward the school to watch the class of 2012 get recognized for their outstanding achievements.  The first scholarship of the night was presented by the Medical Society for the outstanding student pursuing a medical career.  To my astonishment my son’s name was called.  At this moment I realized that this was not the end of anything but rather the beginning of something even greater.

Tennis isn’t ending either, it is just beginning again.  A new coach, a new team, a new group of friends and a new set of memories.  It is an incredible time in his life when he has so many opportunities available to him.  I wish him luck and send him forward with great confidence knowing that he has learned so many life lessons and skills from playing the game of tennis.

All tennis players need to remember that there is still a place for tennis after you leave high school.  It doesn’t matter if you are not good enough to play on a D1 team.  There truly is a place for everyone in college tennis.  D2, D2 out of division teams, there is a place for almost every tennis player.  If the school that is offering you the best education doesn’t have a tennis team you can play on there is always club tennis.  I know many outstanding tennis players that chose to play club tennis rather than college tennis simply because of the time commitment to the team.  The important thing is to keep playing if you still love it.  Nothing has to end; sometimes it just changes.   You might even find it changes for the best.

Good Luck Class of 2012!


4 comments on “Moving On!

  1. I got a little tear in my eye. Thank you for this.

  2. You’ve got to be proud!
    I don’t cry at weddings or funerals, but I always cry at graduations. I have no idea why.

    • I am definitely proud. The neat part is I taught these kids there grade 9 biology and I was so proud to see all of them do so well. The tennis team I watched grow into a real group of tennis players and incredible friends.

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