Blogging for a Cause

I’m heading off the topic of tennis for a moment to use my captive blogging audience to help me out with a great cause.

I have been busy with my oldest son (the tennis player) getting him graduated from high school and packed up to move on to college.  During our time together we have come across a great  community project.  We have been challenge to see how many used cell phones we can collect by June 14.  The phones are cleaned of all information and refurbished, equipped with a Sim card and given to victims of domestic violence.  The phones are set up to allow the owner to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Please help us out and look in the back of your junk drawers to see if you have an old cell phone lying around.  Rather than collecting dust they may become the life line for a victim of domestic violence!

If you are interested in helping me follow this link and leave me an email.  I will send you an address that you can mail the cell phone.

Thank you for helping my son and I with our challenge and thank you from a victim of domestic violence for saving their life.


2 comments on “Blogging for a Cause

  1. I hope you get good response from this. Sorry I can’t help though. I’m still using my original cell phone.

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