Enough Already!!!!

Enough Already!

I’ve been spending the last two weeks in an apartment with my son and his tennis coach.  Do to our recent transfer to the eastern half of the USA my son has had to live in an apartment in our old home town with his tennis coach.  I have made the journey every month to check in with him and make sure everything was going well.  Graduation is over so it’s time to pack up the apartment and end this chapter of our life.

During this visit it has become clear to me that there is such a thing as too much tennis.  Tennis talk at breakfast, tennis on the court, tennis at the dinner table, tennis in the evening, I swear I hear about tennis until the moment I go to bed. I swear if hear another word about tennis I may pull my hair out.  I guess you now understand my recent silence on the blog front.  I just could not bring myself to writing about tennis.

Lesson here is simple.  Give it a break every now and then.  Do not make tennis the focus of everything in your home.  Every conversation does not need to come back to tennis.

My son has lived in this environment all year.  An environment of constant tennis talk.  He doesn’t complain but I can see that it has taken a toll on him.  No longer do I see that passion to engage in a conversation about the outcome of a match in the French Open.  He just wants to watch it in silence and enjoy the match.  He has become reluctant to get on the tennis court something I have never seen before. He just doesn’t seem to love it as much as he used to.  If you ask him he will tell you he just doesn’t want to hear about tennis every minute of the day.

Have no fear it is not over for him we are just making some changes.  Some exciting changes that is lighting the spark again.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes.

So yes there is such a thing as too much tennis.  Just as too much chocolate can make you feel sick, too much of anything isn’t good for you.  Find the balance and read the signs of when you need to back off of the tennis talk.  Balance competition with fun and make sure they are playing for both.


4 comments on “Enough Already!!!!

  1. Great advice. We can go overboard, can’t we.
    (I’m a swimmer.)

    • It doesn’t matter what the sport or interest we tend to get over involved and go overboard. I like to think it is because we are passionate about their interests but it does need to be reigned in at times.

  2. Competition should be fun. If it’s not fun don’t do it.

    Although I know what you mean. Tennis, is a very fun sport but it requires a ton of work to get good at it. If you are always playing and always obsessing over it, you may start to feel two dimensional. After a while it stops being fun to play and feels like something that you have to do.

    When I get this feeling I try to develop some of my other interests a bit more. Spend more time with my girlfriend, listen to music, get involved with different things, etc.

    Tennis is a great sport, it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

    • I so agree. The biggest problem is that if it isn’t fun anymore, you won’t do as well.
      It is rather sad when you see the passion start to fade. But have no fear, we have found a way to relight the spark.

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