The Crazy Tennis Mom Goes to College

Wow life has been crazy over the last few weeks.  So sorry for the lack of attention to my blog.  I am happy to say I am now officially the crazy tennis mom of a college student.  Even more exciting, I am the crazy tennis mom of a college tennis player!!!

Last week I had the honor of accompanying my son to his college orientation where he was officially enrolled in his first semester of college classes.  Many have said that it would be almost impossible for my son to go into the honors college and study pre-med while playing on the college D1 tennis team.  I must say that even my son and I where nervous about how his schedule could possibly be balanced enough to fit classes, labs, studying and practicing into a twenty-four hour day.  I just kept encouraging him to give it a try and to not give up on his dreams.  There is nothing worse than regrets later in life and, as I remind him, there are no “do overs” in life.

At the end of the day he returned to me with a smile on his face and a schedule in hand.  When I saw his schedule I knew immediately that he still had the desire and dedication to play tennis.  He managed to schedule all of his classes between eight o’clock in the morning and noon.  Only a dedicated athlete would come out with that kind of a college class schedule!  His plan is in place.  He can work out in the morning before class at 6:00am if necessary, go to class until noon, do homework until 4:00 pm and then hit the court again for the afternoon and evening, then more studying, sleep and eat thrown in when needed.  Suddenly it seemed like it may be possible to have it all!

I know that he felt an incredible relief because as soon as we returned home he hit the court with a new vigor.  No longer is it just a thought or a dream…it is a reality.  College will start in August and he will walk onto the court to join his college tennis team.  Now it is completely up to him if he wants to be a bench warmer or a player in the starting line-up.  As we have always said, “it’s yours for the taking, it is just a matter of going after it.”

So now I am proud to say I am the crazy tennis mom of a college player.  A new journey is beginning.  USTA junior tennis is behind him and college tennis is welcoming him aboard.  I must say neither he nor I are sad to see the crazy world of  USTA junior tennis come to an end.  I know you may find this hard to believe especially if you are in the prime years of this roller coaster ride, but trust me, it isn’t that bad to walk away and try something different.  Welcome aboard and I hope you continue to follow as we begin a new adventure in the crazy world of tennis.


2 comments on “The Crazy Tennis Mom Goes to College

  1. Congratulations to your son! It must be so exciting for you to see him motivated for success with school, playing tennis and a career goal, too. Having seen our son off to college (to play football) I was happy that we got to see him at his games that first fall, especially. Hope you can see some of your son’s collegiate matches.

    • Thank you yes we are very excited. It is a little sad that he will be over twelve hours away from us so seeing him play will not be an easy task. I hope to make the trip for at least one match. They grow up and fly the coup way too quickly

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