Opportunity Knocks.

Is that opportunity knocking… no just my son’s new room-mate.

I though I would take a quick minute to remind all the tennis parents and junior tennis players about how important it is to be a good student and strong role model as well as a good tennis player.

My son is not the top recruit for his tennis team, he was just honored to get a spot on the team and when the coach told him he could probably play number 5 or 6 on the team he was over the moon.  He would have been satisfied to just practice with the team for the first year and build on his skills in order to become a better player.  The coach knew from the  beginning that Alex had his education as his top priority for college but would give the rest of himself to tennis.

Once again Alex found himself rewarded for his commitment to his education, character and sport.  You see, although he is not the top recruit for the tennis team, his room-mate is.  The coach called him over the summer and asked if he would be willing to have the Belorussian recruit as his room-mate.  The young man is very young (17) and in a foreign country.  The coach felt that Alex would be a great role model for him and in turn he thought Alex would take advantage of having the number one recruit to hit with whenever he wanted.

When opportunity knocked Alex opened the door… to his new room-mate.  They are having a great time together in their first week of college.  Alex has hit the gym and tennis court everyday while they waited for classes to begin.  The coach knew Alex well and knew if given the opportunity he would take advantage of given to him and he would push to get better and maybe secure a higher spot on the team by his senior year.  As the dream of making a D1 tennis team was realized he has now found a new dream.  Now he dreams of being the best college tennis player HE can be.

Don’t forget when you are developing your young tennis player, there is more to it than how many matches they win or how high their rankings are.  They are people first who need to develop strong character and values.  Coaches are looking for more than just another good tennis player.  Tennis will always be a part of them, but it may be these other traits that offer them the greatest opportunities in life.

Tonight marks the first official day of team practice.  Good luck boys and have a great time!


2 comments on “Opportunity Knocks.

  1. “he dreams of being the best college tennis player HE can be.”
    A great goal. Congrats on raising such a great son.

    • Thank you. I think we are all much happier people when we stop trying to measure our sucess by comparing ourselves to others. All anyone can ever expect from themselves is to be their best.

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