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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Well it has been an a very long time since I participated in the weekly photo challenge, but when I saw this weeks challenge I just had to join.  I have had this picture for a little while and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use it.

So here it is… this weeks photo challenge is to find a picture to represent solitary.

This solitary item has caused more trouble for people than you can possibly imagine.  My tennis friends will agree with me when I say that a solitary tennis ball can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Sometimes you can convince it to do and go wherever you want it to and other times it absolutely refuses to cooperate.  A solitary tennis ball can fill you with joy or bring you to your knees with anguish.  Who knew such an innocent looking object can hold so much power over the greatest of individuals.


One comment on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. perfect representation of solitary!

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