Preparation Checklist: Item #3

Time again to look at how prepared your son or daughter is for the adventures of college tennis.

First a quick review of the first couple of items on our preparation check list:

Item #1: Have you spent enough time teaching your child to behave on the tennis court?

Item #2:  Is your child making independent choices


Item #3 is one that we will all struggle with and if someone has the magical answer please let me know, because I failed on this one.

Item #3:  Can your child get up at 5:30 in the morning for 6:00 workouts!

I received a text from my son today stating that he would not be home for Christmas do to the fact that he will be dead.  Apparently he feels that the 6:00 am workouts four times a week are killing him.  I had to chuckle when I read the text but then thought to myself “did I ever consider preparing him for such a schedule?”  Obviously I did not.  I always found it hard enough to get him up to go to school in the morning so the thought of waking him any earlier to workout was not within my scope of reality.

If your junior tennis player is serious about playing college tennis and in particular on a  D1 tennis team, he/she may want to take into consideration the schedule that will need to be followed.  If I had to do it over again I probably would have encourage my son to develop a workout program that incorporated some early morning workouts during the school year.  How I would have managed this is beyond me and I am glad that I don’t have to face this battle.  Getting him up early to actually play tennis is a far easier battle because he always loves to be on the tennis court, but to be in the gym running sprints and doing abdominal workouts for ninety minutes straight is, as he so eloquently put it, “hell.”

So good luck parents and let me know how you make out in preparing your junior tennis player for the     6:00 am workouts!  All can do know is laugh and remind him of what a great body he will have for the beach this summer!



2 comments on “Preparation Checklist: Item #3

  1. Great topic. My daughter received a scholarship to a D1 school although she was not a serious tournament player; this school literally needed a 6th player. She stayed played 1 year and did not return mainly due to the morning workouts, not being “passionate enough about tennis” [to want to rise at such an early time]. She has graduated from another another school, is happy, employed and living independently and I love her with all my heart. The point of this is; she has a healthy amount of student loans she is paying on, which may have been moot point HAD she in fact learned to like to get up early a few times a week, mostly during the off season.

    Not my off-spring, but the player I trained from 5 yrs old and played Wimbledon etc was ranked #1 in the nation many times during his junior days. The BEST decision we made for him, was moving his lessons to the EARLY mornings during the school year, freeing up his afternoons for practice matches/play. Our sessions were 1.5 hrs. so, this was an early start on school days. This was engrained in his regiment throughout his career and became particularly helpful whenever he had an 8am match.

    I know these don’t answer your question directly [maybe I should be a politician !], BUT, they simply reiterate the fact that your topic is VERY important.

    • I am lucky that he is dedicated enough at this time to get up for the practices. He loves the game and it is only this passion that can drive the player to work so hard to compete.
      I would advise all parents to try and incorporate the early morning practice so they know what they are signing up for.
      College tennis looks a lot more glorious from the sideline. In reality it is VERY hard work and no matter how hard they think they are working in the juniors you will be surprised how hard you have to work when you get there.

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