Wrapping It Up.

Tennis season has finally wrapped up for my college tennis player.  It is hard to believe that an entire school year has already passed.  It seems like only yesterday I was nervously packing him up  to begin his long journey as a college student and tennis player. 

So many questions and fears I had as I tried to prepare both him and myself for the virtually unknown experience.  Was he good enough to make the team, would he be able to balance both school and tennis, would he like the coach, would he make the starting line up, did he make the right choice in college’s and was it the right choice to try and take pre-medicine and play D1 tennis?  I know there are a lot of parents asking the same questions today as they watch their young daughter or son walk down the aisle at their high school graduation. 

My advise to you is simple…relax and enjoy the moment.  Don’t spend so much time worrying about tomorrow that you forget to enjoy today.  It all goes so quickly and you can never have the answers to all of your questions.  All you really can have is faith in your child.  Faith that they know what they are doing, faith that they will always do their best and faith that they have listened to the advice you and their coaches have given them along the way.  Have faith in what you have taught them and that you have done the best you can to prepare them for their journey.

My son didn’t win any major titles this year but he seized the opportunity to explore his country, meet new people and find a work ethic within himself that he never knew he had.  When all was said and done he knew he made the right choices and none of us could ever have known what playing D1 tennis would really be like.

I never had the opportunity to see him play a college match but I was able to share in his victories and be there for him when he felt defeated.  As the crazy tennis mom this was a whole new experience for me to completely let go of his tennis.  Don’t get me wrong, I sat glued to my phone when I knew he was playing just waiting for the text to come to tell me how he did.  I still felt the thrill of his victories and the weight of his defeats.  I listened when he was telling me the play by play of his match or when the phone was silent in the shadow of a bad loss.  It is different but it is still good.  You learn to adapt and you learn to let go.

I watched my son grow into an amazing young man this year.  He became a man of faith, a man of integrity and a man who has an unstoppable drive to succeed.  Tennis has not been accidental to any of these things but rather an intricate part of shaping him into this fine young man.  The people he has met, the places he has been and the choices he has learned to make are from his involvement in tennis.

So my fellow tennis parents I encourage you to sit back and relax for a while.  Don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about which tournament to play, which racket to buy, how many private lessons to take this week.  Slow down and have faith in both yourself and your child.  Stop worrying and start enjoying.  No decision is a bad decision.  Each one will give you a different opportunity and it is what you do with that opportunity that is important.

Enjoy the moment because before you know it…it is gone!


2 comments on “Wrapping It Up.

  1. “I watched my son grow into an amazing young man this year. He became a man of faith, a man of integrity…”
    Wow! ..a tennis parent [and son] who obviously see the big[ger] picture! THIS is what it is all about ! Congratulations !… I hope you are able to make some matches next year….and if his school ever plays on the left coast, let me know! KO

    • Thank you for the kind words. We are very proud parents.
      Hopefully I will get time off work next year. He just told me last night that I would never recognize his game he has improved so much. I am excited to see him play this summer when he comes home.

      Thanks again

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