Another Tennis Program Falls: no concern for student athletes

It is such a sad day in the Crazy Tennis Mom’s home.  If you have been following my blog you know I have a son playing D1 tennis.  Well yesterday we received a call from him informing us that the tennis program was cancelled.  Yes another D1 tennis program falls  to the mighty dollar.  The college is stating budget cutbacks but I for one want to know why it football or basketball never seems to take a cut.

I am very bitter as I write this and it is not because I don’t understand budgets.  It is because the way the college went about it was so thoughtless and inconsiderate to of the athletes.  I have been a fairly positive in my support for college tennis but now I have now seen first hand how the mighty dollar or political pull is much more important than the athlete.

Cancelling of another tennis program is sad in itself  but the way the athletics department is apprehensive.  The boys were called to a meeting late yesterday afternoon which they believed was the usual end of the season meeting to prepare them for the following year. Instead they were told that effective immediately the tennis program was cancelled.  An hour later the official announcement was made.  The last week of school just before finals and the boys are handed this blow.  Obviously they were not worried about their mental status before finals.

The college claims the boys can play for other colleges without having to sit out the year due to the cancellation of the program….this is great on the press release but did they take into consideration that it is the beginning of May and too late to apply to another college for next year!  Now these poor young men have to sit through a year of college without playing tennis….how will that look on your application for a transfer?  The college had signed at least one new recruit for next year. That poor young man gave up other offers and now is left in the dark.

It is obvious that the college doesn’t care about the well-being of these young men.  I know it is a small team so not a great number of athletes are affected but it still is not right to negatively affect any students education.

I have not spoken of where my son has gone to college up to this point but today I will tell you, my son is at Western Kentucky University.  It is not a great tennis program but it has some great kids.  My son is a presidential scholar with a 3.9 GPA who was offered an education at almost any school including Ivy League.  He chose WKU because he could play tennis.

I beg you to write  to the college and stand up for the rights of the student athlete.  They do not need to save the program but they do need to phase it out.  Give the boys a year to finish their tennis career or apply to another school for transfer.  One year so they could make an informed decision of where they want to finish their education and tennis career, instead of sitting on the side lines and watching their dreams and hard work go down the drain.

This could be your child next, the athlete is not important to the college just the bottom line.


Please feel free to email the athletic director at  todd.stewart@wku.edu








2 comments on “Another Tennis Program Falls: no concern for student athletes

  1. I am heartbroken to read this! Inexcusable on the part of the athletic department. I’m sharing your post in hopes that enough people will step up and write letters to WKU asking them to reconsider. I’m so sorry for your son and all the players there.

  2. Hi Sandra, I am sorry to read about this. It is frustrating. Unfortunately this happens a lot in mens’ college tennis. While fighting and standing up for the athletes is necessary it will be a long process; do not let it distract you from dedicating your efforts on transferring him considering the time constrain to the fall season (3 months) . Counter intuitive as it may sound, the more successful, represented, and visible a conference or team is in basketball, baseball and football (income generating sports) the higher the likelihood that college will have a better valued and organized tennis team (non-income generating sports). NCAA sports is a less than perfect system which is still in its transformation, yet, there is much to be gained from it. Your son will be one of thousands of transfers between teams seasonally and he will be just fine. All the best. #iplaytenniswithd

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