Coolest Courts

We may not be in Melbourne, Australia playing tennis and perhaps we have not been able to play at Wimbledon or Roland Garros  but we have seen our share of  interesting tennis courts.  Some we love and some we hate, some are fast, some are slow, some are lucky and some are cursed.  Each tennis […]

Chill Out!

What is it about tennis that causes so many people to be uptight and strung out?  It doesn’t matter if you are playing, coaching, watching, talking about or writing about it, people just tend to get too excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sport, and I have had my day of getting […]

Say a Prayer

Crazy tennis may be quiet for a few days.  I’m headed to Canada again to be with my mom and dad for a few days while my mom undergoes surgery.  If I find the time I’ll hit the computer and blogging world but if not I hope you don’t mind.  Thanks for your understanding and say […]

Making a Come Back In Tennis…Again!

I drove up to the court to see my son pounding a beautiful forehand winner up the line.  What a welcome sight.  It wasn’t very long ago we wondered if he would ever hit the ball like that again.  The first of December was the last time he hit a tennis ball.  This is something […]

Cinderella Story of Tennis: The Challenge

I  have been challenged, and I love challenges, so I am asking everyone for help.  I have been challenged to find a CInderella Story for an American tennis player.  In this case the term Cinderella Story is used to describe someone who came from nothing or very low income and made it to the top […]