Technical Part of Tennis

Ten Steps to Dealing With the “Pusher”

The dreaded “pusher!” We have all played them and been beaten by them.  You may think they have no skill, but somehow they are beating you anyway. What exactly is a “pusher?”  Usually, we call someone a pusher if they don’t hit the ball very hard, don’t have the best strokes, run down almost every ball,  and […]

Attack! (The Short Ball)

Being agressive on the court doesn’t always mean hitting the ball hard, it means hitting the ball smart to pressure your opponent.   To be aggressive and control the point you have to be able to confidently attack the first short ball your opponent hits to you. The best way to gain confidence in this shot is […]

I’m “Choking.” How Can I Save the Tennis Match?

You know the feeling, it’s the big match, you’ve been playing great and you see the finish line just ahead.  Then it happens, you start to “choke.”  Maybe it was the last two great shots your opponent made, maybe it was an easy shot you just missed, whatever it is  that caused you to become a […]

Help I Can’t Serve!

Now that the first day of tennis practice has arrived for many middle and high schoolers, there will be a sudden panic and rush to the practice court to improve the most difficult stroke in the game of tennis: the serve.  It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or a seasoned senior player, […]

Should I Change My Tennis Coach?

I read an article on the Tennis Mom recently entitled Why Do Juniors Switch Tennis Coaches So Often?  I was intrigued to read the article because it is a question I have asked myself often.  Personally we have only had one switch in coaching in seven years and that was due to our coach leaving tennis.  […]

Most Common Tennis Injuries

Another tennis player is sitting out another match as he lets his body heal.  A shoulder, a wrist, an ankle, an elbow, what is it this time?  Is it the usual fatigue from a good workout that with a little rest will be resolved, or is it something a little more serious? Statistics show that […]

What Can I Say During a Tennis Match?

When my son first started to play tennis I was called out by a young 11-year-old tennis player for “coaching” my son.  Apparently I was not fully aware what was and what was not allowed to be said during a tennis match.  In the eyes of this 11-year-old telling my son to smile and get back […]