Tennis Humor

Maria Sharapova didn’t expect fans to go banaza over haircut prank

Take a moment to watch the video and get a good giggle. It is very enjoyable to see the lighter side of the professionals. It also serves as a good reminder to all of us to not take ourselves so seriously. Thanks sport50. I got a good laugh from this. Advertisements

Canada Promotes Kids Tennis

Canada is using their new found tennis hero Milos Raonic to promote active, healthy life styles for kids through tennis.  Their add promotes the “new” kids tennis with smaller courts, slower balls and correct sized racquets.  If you have a junior tennis player or are a fan of Milos Raonic I think you will love […]

Weekly Photo Challenge. Unusual

This weeks weekly photo challenge was to work with the theme ‘UNUSUAL.” It is always fun to see how I can relate the challenge to tennis. AN  “UNUSUAL”  WAY TO  “SERVE”

Another Embarrassing Tennis Moment

Just another day on the court and another embarrassing tennis story. My son was about ten years old and waiting for his private tennis lesson.  His big brother had his lesson first and we were sitting in the viewing area awaiting the “changing of the guards”  The coach waves up to us for Josh to […]

Another Embarrassing Tennis Moment

We all have them, those moments on the court we would really love to forget but can’t.  You might be able to if people would let you, but alas, it’s just too funny. It is 205, my son is playing one of his first USTA tennis matches, he really has never experienced competitive tennis, so he […]

Tennis for all Ages

I’ve talked enough about the junior tennis players for a few days now.  Let’s take a look at tennis for us “mature” individuals.  We may not move as fast as the young kids do anymore and we may not hit the ball as hard, but by golly, we can usually beat them.  Why is that?  […]

Stupidest Things Said At a Tennis Match

What are some of the stupidest things you’ve heard said at a tennis match? Here are some of my favorite: Why are they counting by 15’s?  (30+15 does not equal 40) It hit the line it’s out. It’s out. It hit on the outside part of the line. I didn’t see where your serve landed can you […]