Fighting Crazy

Crazy tennis mom has been quiet for some time.  Starting a new career can certainly silence a voice but add to that the new-found passion for tennis with one of your kids and …BINGO all creative energy and time has been sucked out of your life.  Such a shame too because the stories I could […]

Keeping Quiet: Always a mothers challenge!

“Hey mom can you take me to the court and feed balls for me?” Are you kidding me?  Did my son actually ask me to go on the court with him to help him practice?    Not that long ago he would have thought it the most embarrassing and useless activity in the world to have […]

Expose Your Weakness

Your game is generally it’s best when you are physically fresh and full of energy but what happens when you begin to get tired?  What happens to your strokes when your legs start to feel like noodles or your racket seems to have gained an extra four pounds, when your back feels like a vice […]

Back to Basics

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics.  No need for anything fancy or complicated just plain old hitting the ball. This is the theory behind the training schedule for our son this summer.  For the first time in four years he isn’t off to a tennis academy.  Instead he is at the summer […]

Let’s Play in the Clay!

Summer is here so it’s time to get out and play in the sand.  Well maybe not sand, but definitely clay! Watching the French Open has brought back the ongoing debate over why certain countries have better clay court players than others.  Naturally the discussion always come back to the Americans not having enough experience […]

Hi Five for the Tweener

Tennis outfit $50, tennis racket $225, tennis lesson $65, learning how to hit a tweener…priceless. Why should you dedicate an entire tennis lesson to the “tweener”?  Because it’s fun! Qualifiers are just around the corner.  Everyone is anxiously trying to get those last few points on their rankings to get the higher seeding and better […]

You Want to Change What?

Please just leave it alone.  It’s finally working. These were first thoughts that always went through my head when the coach approached me to say they were going to make some changes to my sons serve.  Why, it is finally working and you want to change it again? How many players or parents feel the […]