Great Links

Just thought I would share some  of the great sites I enjoy reading.  I hope you find them as entertaining and helpful as I have.

Tennisopolis:  Absolutely everything tennis.  A social network for anyone who enjoys tennis.

ParentingAces :  Mother of a junior tennis player.  USTA and junior tennis.

I Take Thee Tennis:  Great site for following professional tennis.  He adds just a little humor to his blog.

Tenniswithd:  A blog from a tennis coach’s point of view.

Stop. Breath. Action A blog about creativity and motivation.

ZooTennis:  All of the latest information on USTA, ITF and College Tennis.

Coach Billmoore:  Coach Billmoore is not a tennis coach but has some great insight into motivating and coaching young athletes.

Maximus Fitness:  connecting health and fitness knowledge to achieving happiness and positive interactions.  Very motivational for developing a positive, healthy athlete.

Growing Champions for Life:  great site about raising young athletes.


3 comments on “Great Links

  1. If you want me to check out your site just leave me a message and I would be happy to do so.

  2. Thanks so much for linking to I Take Thee Tennis!

  3. Sandra, Thank you very much for the link and kind words about Tennisopolis.com

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