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Keeping Quiet: Always a mothers challenge!

“Hey mom can you take me to the court and feed balls for me?” Are you kidding me?  Did my son actually ask me to go on the court with him to help him practice?    Not that long ago he would have thought it the most embarrassing and useless activity in the world to have […]

Expose Your Weakness

Your game is generally it’s best when you are physically fresh and full of energy but what happens when you begin to get tired?  What happens to your strokes when your legs start to feel like noodles or your racket seems to have gained an extra four pounds, when your back feels like a vice […]

Preparation Checklist: Item #1

If you have been following the crazytennis mom you know that my son has just started his journey into D1 tennis.  As a tennis parent it is time for me to sit back and reflect on what kind of tennis parent I was.  It is time to see  if I did my job of raising […]

You Want to Change What?

Please just leave it alone.  It’s finally working. These were first thoughts that always went through my head when the coach approached me to say they were going to make some changes to my sons serve.  Why, it is finally working and you want to change it again? How many players or parents feel the […]

Don’t Stop To Look At the View

How many times have you come out of the gate digging in, grinding out points to win the first set only to see the next two sets go down the toilet?  I have seen this scenario far too many times.  It was much more common when my son was younger but I still get a […]

Chill Out!

What is it about tennis that causes so many people to be uptight and strung out?  It doesn’t matter if you are playing, coaching, watching, talking about or writing about it, people just tend to get too excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sport, and I have had my day of getting […]

Staight Talk from the Tennis Coach

I want to thank Danai C Samuriwo from tenniswithD for writing my guest blog today.  I met Danai through the tennisopolis social network.  Danai is  very involved in the tennis world as a tennis teaching pro, club manager, tennis shop owner and a top-level tennis player himself.  Danai writes great blog posts for both tennisopolis and his own blog spot.  I asked […]