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Photo Story II

College tennis…the time of your life! Advertisements

A Day in the Life of a College Tennis Player.

I have had the pleasure of spending the last three weeks with my son as he unwinds from his first semester of college.  The maturity I have seen in him is overwhelming.  I sent a teenager away to college and a young man has been returned to me. We have had a great time catching […]

Back to Basics

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics.  No need for anything fancy or complicated just plain old hitting the ball. This is the theory behind the training schedule for our son this summer.  For the first time in four years he isn’t off to a tennis academy.  Instead he is at the summer […]

The Crazy Tennis Mom Goes to College

Wow life has been crazy over the last few weeks.  So sorry for the lack of attention to my blog.  I am happy to say I am now officially the crazy tennis mom of a college student.  Even more exciting, I am the crazy tennis mom of a college tennis player!!! Last week I had […]

Tennis Really Can Pay for College!

It is true, tennis really can pay for college, but not the way you think it can.  So listen up all you junior tennis players. It is official, my son is a Presidential Scholar so I won’t be paying for college.  I don’t think he would have ever received this high honor if it hadn’t […]

The Beginning of Another High School Tennis Season.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new high school tennis season.  The tennis bag is packed and sitting at the front door waiting with anticipation for the first day of school try outs.  It’s a new state and a new school, so my freshman is going in as an unknown and we know nothing about […]