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Fighting Crazy

Crazy tennis mom has been quiet for some time.  Starting a new career can certainly silence a voice but add to that the new-found passion for tennis with one of your kids and …BINGO all creative energy and time has been sucked out of your life.  Such a shame too because the stories I could […]

Weekly Photo Challenge. Together

Here we go again.  This week’s photo challenge was “together.”  Since it is the end of the school year and my son’s high school tennis life I decided to post a picture of the tennis team.  There is no better example of “together” than the way this group of boys supported each other both on […]

You Have My Permission to Quit

The end of the school year is quickly coming upon us.  Final exams are right around the corner and in three weeks my son will officially be finished with high school.  So much of his high school “career” has been focused around tennis.  One can’t help but wonder what next?  He has been accepted onto […]

When it’s Time to “Push” my Junior Tennis Player

I left the high school tennis match rather frustrated with my younger son yesterday.  He continues to make the same mistakes again and again and appears to play with so little thought into what he is doing.  I have been very quiet this tennis season, respecting the fact that he has come back from a […]

Finding the Money for College Through Tennis. (Questions Answered)

I have been overwhelmed by the reaction to my recent article Tennis Really Can Pay for College.  I’d like to start by saying thank-you to everyone who shared the article. I have been asked to expand a little bit further about how your tennis and good grades go together to get your bills paid for […]

Should your competitive tennis player play the high school tennis season?

Should my competitive tennis player play the high school tennis season?  This was a question I had to face every year when the high school tennis season rolled around.  When you are playing at number 1 varsity you don’t have anyone pushing you to get better and often you don’t have anyone to help or challenge you […]

Good Match…that’s all I need to say.

The first high school tennis match is over.  My son walks off the court and I congratulate him on the match. “We lost,” he responds. “I know, it was still a good match.  You where down 1-5 and came back to 4-6”  I reply. “Ya, I was able to fix my serve, and I realized the guys […]