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All Endings are Merely Beginnings.

Well unfortunately the boys tennis team was unable to persuade the school to give them one more year to finish their college tennis career.  No real surprise but I was so proud of their valiant effort and mature, dignified response to the situation. The team demanded a meeting with the athletic director and were granted […]

Dream On!

All eyes are glued to the television.  The days, and unfortunately the nights, are spent watching the first big tournament of the year.  The Australian Open is always the favorite in our household, it marks the beginning of the season and warms the cold January evenings with the hopes for the upcoming tennis season.  My […]

Unexpected Benefits

Once again I find myself amazed at the benefits my son receives from being a tennis player.  As a parent we should never forget how many extra opportunities are given to our children simply because they are a tennis player.  When you get discouraged because of lack of progress in their game, poor performance in […]

Be Inspired

Back to Basics

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics.  No need for anything fancy or complicated just plain old hitting the ball. This is the theory behind the training schedule for our son this summer.  For the first time in four years he isn’t off to a tennis academy.  Instead he is at the summer […]

It’s In Their Blood

It’s the end of the school year and final exams are just a few days away.  The last-minute assignments, AP exams, College Credit Exams, are all piling up not to mention that he would like to occasionally practice  tennis.  I can hear the stress in my son’s voice every time I talk to him.  Late nights, […]

Don’t Stop To Look At the View

How many times have you come out of the gate digging in, grinding out points to win the first set only to see the next two sets go down the toilet?  I have seen this scenario far too many times.  It was much more common when my son was younger but I still get a […]