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Fighting Crazy

Crazy tennis mom has been quiet for some time.  Starting a new career can certainly silence a voice but add to that the new-found passion for tennis with one of your kids and …BINGO all creative energy and time has been sucked out of your life.  Such a shame too because the stories I could […]

Keeping Quiet: Always a mothers challenge!

“Hey mom can you take me to the court and feed balls for me?” Are you kidding me?  Did my son actually ask me to go on the court with him to help him practice?    Not that long ago he would have thought it the most embarrassing and useless activity in the world to have […]

Listening to the “Flip-Side”

If you are at least as old as I am you will remember the old “forty-five” records. As you know the artists recorded their new hit single on one side and on the “flip-side” was some little known song that seldom made the charts and was hardly ever heard. Isn’t that the way with so […]

Striking the Perfect Balance

The college tennis season is in full swing, and with that a whole new reality. Ready or not here it comes! Off season practice and work-out schedule seemed rather daunting to me but it is nothing compared to the tennis season schedule. These young men and women who take on the challenge of playing college […]

Dream On!

All eyes are glued to the television.  The days, and unfortunately the nights, are spent watching the first big tournament of the year.  The Australian Open is always the favorite in our household, it marks the beginning of the season and warms the cold January evenings with the hopes for the upcoming tennis season.  My […]

A Day in the Life of a College Tennis Player.

I have had the pleasure of spending the last three weeks with my son as he unwinds from his first semester of college.  The maturity I have seen in him is overwhelming.  I sent a teenager away to college and a young man has been returned to me. We have had a great time catching […]

Preparation Checklist: Item #3

Time again to look at how prepared your son or daughter is for the adventures of college tennis. First a quick review of the first couple of items on our preparation check list: Item #1: Have you spent enough time teaching your child to behave on the tennis court? Item #2:  Is your child making […]