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All Endings are Merely Beginnings.

Well unfortunately the boys tennis team was unable to persuade the school to give them one more year to finish their college tennis career.  No real surprise but I was so proud of their valiant effort and mature, dignified response to the situation. The team demanded a meeting with the athletic director and were granted […]

Staight Talk from the Tennis Coach

I want to thank Danai C Samuriwo from tenniswithD for writing my guest blog today.  I met Danai through the tennisopolis social network.  Danai is  very involved in the tennis world as a tennis teaching pro, club manager, tennis shop owner and a top-level tennis player himself.  Danai writes great blog posts for both tennisopolis and his own blog spot.  I asked […]

What Can I Say During a Tennis Match?

When my son first started to play tennis I was called out by a young 11-year-old tennis player for “coaching” my son.  Apparently I was not fully aware what was and what was not allowed to be said during a tennis match.  In the eyes of this 11-year-old telling my son to smile and get back […]

The Art of Being Quiet During the Tennis Match

Everyone knows that it is common courtesy to be quiet during a tennis match.  But really, it’s easier said than done.  I was a soccer mom before I became a crazy tennis mom, and trust me, soccer mom’s aren’t quiet!  So what is the secret to staying quiet during the match. Why is it so hard […]