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Listening to the “Flip-Side”

If you are at least as old as I am you will remember the old “forty-five” records. As you know the artists recorded their new hit single on one side and on the “flip-side” was some little known song that seldom made the charts and was hardly ever heard. Isn’t that the way with so […]

Expose Your Weakness

Your game is generally it’s best when you are physically fresh and full of energy but what happens when you begin to get tired?  What happens to your strokes when your legs start to feel like noodles or your racket seems to have gained an extra four pounds, when your back feels like a vice […]

Preparation Checklist: Item #2

If you have been following the Crazytennis mom you know that my son has just started his journey into D1 tennis.  As a tennis parent it is time for me to sit back and reflect on what kind of tennis parent I was.  It is time to see  if I did my job of raising […]

Stay or Go? It’s Up to You.

Stay or go?  That is the question I ask every summer when it comes to my son’s tennis.  Do I send him away again or should he stay with the family for the summer?  Ultimately the decision is his and every year “GO” has won. The first time we left him to train in the […]

You Want to Change What?

Please just leave it alone.  It’s finally working. These were first thoughts that always went through my head when the coach approached me to say they were going to make some changes to my sons serve.  Why, it is finally working and you want to change it again? How many players or parents feel the […]

Staight Talk from the Tennis Coach

I want to thank Danai C Samuriwo from tenniswithD for writing my guest blog today.  I met Danai through the tennisopolis social network.  Danai is  very involved in the tennis world as a tennis teaching pro, club manager, tennis shop owner and a top-level tennis player himself.  Danai writes great blog posts for both tennisopolis and his own blog spot.  I asked […]

Words of Wisdom to Share with my Tennis Playing Friends

Coach Billmore from coachbillmoore.wordpress.com posted an incredible blog today that I would like to share. It is a portion of the Commodore Creed that he feels is the most important part for all athletes to remember.  Although Coach Billmore isn’t a tennis coach I think the advise holds true for all tennis players as well. If you have a […]