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All Endings are Merely Beginnings.

Well unfortunately the boys tennis team was unable to persuade the school to give them one more year to finish their college tennis career.  No real surprise but I was so proud of their valiant effort and mature, dignified response to the situation. The team demanded a meeting with the athletic director and were granted […]

Hi Five for the Tweener

Tennis outfit $50, tennis racket $225, tennis lesson $65, learning how to hit a tweener…priceless. Why should you dedicate an entire tennis lesson to the “tweener”?  Because it’s fun! Qualifiers are just around the corner.  Everyone is anxiously trying to get those last few points on their rankings to get the higher seeding and better […]

Stay or Go? It’s Up to You.

Stay or go?  That is the question I ask every summer when it comes to my son’s tennis.  Do I send him away again or should he stay with the family for the summer?  Ultimately the decision is his and every year “GO” has won. The first time we left him to train in the […]

You Want to Change What?

Please just leave it alone.  It’s finally working. These were first thoughts that always went through my head when the coach approached me to say they were going to make some changes to my sons serve.  Why, it is finally working and you want to change it again? How many players or parents feel the […]

Playing Up. Is it a Good Idea?

We’ve all done it but is it right to play your kids up to get better competition? I’m not talking about playing up before you level up.  I’m talking about the parents who insist their child must play one or two age divisions up to find “good” competition.  I will not disagree that there are […]

It’s In Their Blood

It’s the end of the school year and final exams are just a few days away.  The last-minute assignments, AP exams, College Credit Exams, are all piling up not to mention that he would like to occasionally practice  tennis.  I can hear the stress in my son’s voice every time I talk to him.  Late nights, […]

Don’t Stop To Look At the View

How many times have you come out of the gate digging in, grinding out points to win the first set only to see the next two sets go down the toilet?  I have seen this scenario far too many times.  It was much more common when my son was younger but I still get a […]