All Endings are Merely Beginnings.

Well unfortunately the boys tennis team was unable to persuade the school to give them one more year to finish their college tennis career.  No real surprise but I was so proud of their valiant effort and mature, dignified response to the situation. The team demanded a meeting with the athletic director and were granted […]

Be Inspired

Blogging for a Cause

I’m heading off the topic of tennis for a moment to use my captive blogging audience to help me out with a great cause. I have been busy with my oldest son (the tennis player) getting him graduated from high school and packed up to move on to college.  During our time together we have […]

Get What You Want

A message we all need to remember.  It doesn’t matter if it is in our relationships,  the work force, school system, , or on the tennis court, the message is the same.

Please Take a Moment to Read This, It Is Very Important.

May 6 is National Wishbone Day.  The day to increase the awareness of a genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), better known as “brittle bone” disease.  The condition is characterized by fragile bones that break easily.   A person is born with the disorder and it will affect them throughout their life.  Besides the brittle bones […]

If You Believe It…It Is! The Placebo Effect

We are all looking for the magic button that will make the difference in our tennis game.  We want something that will give us more power, accuracy, better balance.  We look at new rackets, strings, shoes, you name it we buy it hoping it will be the secret to becoming the elite tennis player. I […]

Expecting to Win

A hockey parent sent me a link to a great speech on expecting to win from Friday Night Lights.  It doesn’t matter if it is football, hockey or tennis the message is the same. Expecting to win can get in the way of our performance, increasing the pressure we already put on ourselves.  Confidence on […]