Photo Story II

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Coolest Courts

We may not be in Melbourne, Australia playing tennis and perhaps we have not been able to play at Wimbledon or Roland Garros  but we have seen our share of  interesting tennis courts.  Some we love and some we hate, some are fast, some are slow, some are lucky and some are cursed.  Each tennis […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Well it has been an a very long time since I participated in the weekly photo challenge, but when I saw this weeks challenge I just had to join.  I have had this picture for a little while and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use it. So here it is… this weeks photo […]

Weekly Photo Challenge. Summer

Well it’s here…summer.    

Weekly Photo Challenge. Hands

Hands: the grip on the racket Hands: the touch that allows you to drop the ball Hands:  providing the perfect toss for the serve Hands: clasped together white knuckled with the tension of the match Hands: shaking across the net Hands: applauding in recognition of an accomplishment Hands: clenched into a fist pumping in praise […]

Weekly Photo Challenge. Blue

Photo challenge for this week is blue. I’m stretching it a little but I have been dying to use this picture so here is my picture for blue.  If you are at least as old as I am you may recognize the label on this racket.  Hope you enjoy the little trip down memory lane.   […]

Weekly Photo Challenge. Unfocused

This weeks photo challenge is to find a picture that you would normally disregard because it is unfocused.  When looking back at the picture does it portray something regardless of, or because of, it’s lack of focus. So here is my picture for unfocused.  I love the way the color of the ball is clear […]